Raavy Distributors

In April 2009, with the aim of spreading my wings to a broader area, I started my second company under the name of ‘Raavy Distributors’. We target a market which has got a very nice mix of a layer, broiler, broiler breeders and broiler feed millers and i.e. the market of farmers land of North India, Punjab and Haryana.

To take Ahluwalia KJS to greater heights, we entered the dairy market with Ravvy Distributors. We took a chance with our decision-making instinct and were proved right again. We are today assigned exclusive distributors for north India Market for companies that are the market leader.

Mr. Rakesh Katoch

In the year 2015 Mr. Rakesh Katoch, a decent personality, having 15 years work experience in sales for “POLCHEM-CEVA” and then “BOEHRINGER” joined us and is quite active in the field and takes care of marketing & sales of poultry products in the states of Hrayana, punjab, Uttaranchal & Uttar Pradesh.

Mr. Lalit Kamboj

Mr. Lalit Kamboj took interest in our aim and joined here recently and now takes care of marketing and sales of products for dairy feed millers in Punjab, the biggest market in India as he has got experience of three years in sales & marketing of dairy products in Mankind. We dignify him as a man of his word and soldier for his work.

Infrastructure Details

We have got godowns of 3250 sq ft and 100 sq ft walk-in cold room with 2-8*C temperature range.

We have 2 persons for billing and accounts, 1 godown keeper , 2 labourers and 1 delivery boy.

We have one truck on contractual basis for delivery of goods and apart from it we use transport companies, courier companies and even by hand delivery by delivery boy.

Business Tie-Ups

As of our achievements, we were first appointed as super distributors by the ZYDUS AHL for the Phibro’s product, V Max 500, then for GLOBION and rest is marking an epoch. Today we are exclusive super- Distributor for North India for some good brands namely:

  • Bayer Pharmaceuticals
  • Globion India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Kemin Industries.
  • Zydus Animal Health

In Dairy, we are exclusive super- Distributor for North India for:

  • Wisium (now known as ADM, USA)

Customers Tie-Ups

We supply to wide customer range, namely broiler breeders, feed millers and retailers for layer market of Haryana & Punjab. To name a few main customers:


  • Neotech Nutrients Pvt. Ltd.
  • Maharashtra Feed Mills Pvt. Ltd.
  • Arundhoya Feeds Pvt. Ltd.
  • Sampoorna Feeds
  • Skylark Hatcheries
  • AFI


  • Kansal Agro Industries
  • Afi Agro Pvt. Ltd.
  • Sheetal Industries
  • AFI