Lotus Marketing Services

In the year 2011 we got our chance to stand out and prove ourselves with “Lotus Marketing Services”. Wherein, we got an opportunity of being Consignee Agents for Stallen Asia Pvt. Ltd and that’s when this company’s existence became known to the world. I got a chance to explore the depths of ocean a little more with this.

We hold our shoulders responsible for safe storage of stocks which are always the company’s property and we earn our monthly commission by dispatching these goods to the customers as per directed timings as per company’s invoicing.

Infrastructure Details

We have got godowns of 3600 sq ft and 100 sq ft walk-in cold room with 2-8*C temperature range.

We have 2 persons for billing and accounts, 1 godown keeper , 2 labourers and 1 delivery boy.

We have one truck on contractual basis for delivery of goods and apart from it we use transport companies, courier companies and even by hand delivery by delivery boy.

Business Tie-Ups

When I started to fly, my eyes never looked back; very soon I touched the sky. We added four more companies as being Consignee Agents. Right now we are CA for North India for the following companies: