Ahluwalia Charitable Trust

Businesses sustain because society helps them grow. Giving back to society is thus an important aspect of business development. At KJS Ahluwalia group, we are dedicated to contribute towards the society as it enables us to grow and spread our wings of success. As a part of our CSR work, we ensure that we use work towards the development of society in whatever way possible. We take it as a responsibility to ensure that our business and society develops at the same rate.

To contribute towards the welfare of people, we started “Giani Shamsher Singh Ahluwalia Charitable trust” in 2017, The trust is named after my Grandfather who was a great believer of welfare and helping the needy. The trust is spreading its span by assisting more and more people with each passing day. We have done a lot of activities in the recent past and will continue to do more to ensure that we give back to society the support and growth we receive.

Our CSR activities under the Giani Shamsher Singh Ahluwalia Charitable Trust include:

Distributing pens & notebooks:

We distribute pens and notebooks bearing our trusts name to the students of various schools including Govt. middle school, Vill. Kundi, Panchkula, Govt. Sen. Sec. School Vill. Ballowal, Ludhiana, Bapu Dham School managed by Carmel Convent School, Sec 9, Chandigarh and others.

Sweaters to students:

To ensure that the changing seasons do not hamper the studies of the students, we distribute sweaters to the students to fight with the chilly winter season. We have offered sweaters to the students of Govt. middle school, Vill Kundi, Panchkula.

Sanitary napkins

Hygiene is very important and girl students deal with a lot of hygiene problems during their menstrual cycles because of lack of resources. We distribute free sanitary napkins to the girl students of Govt. middle school, Vill Kundi, Panchkula and Bapu Dham school managed by Carmel Convent School, sec 9, Chandigarh.

Financial support

Besides offering various free supplies, we also offer monetary support to the needy people. KJS Ahluwalia group takes the responsibility of paying the school fee / nursing college fee of a few needy students.

We are dedicated towards working for the betterment of society and will continue to increase our efforts in ensuring that we do our best.